Over the past two years I have been lucky enough to speak to audiences across South East Queensland at schools, universities, businesses and corporate and community fundraising events. I am passionate about sharing my story of love, hope and passion derived from my lived experiences with anxiety, depression and suicide aimed to inspire positive change in people and communities. I’m proud to say that I’ve not given the same speech twice, preferring instead to ‘speak from the heart’ and connect with each audience in its own unique way.

Whatever your event or audience demographic, I take great pride in tailoring my presentation to meet your specific goals and the feeling or vibe of the event.

If you’d like to request me for a speaking engagement, please get in touch by sending an email to:




Jane Bentley – CEO/Co-Founder, Authentiic

“We were lucky enough to have Paul speak at our Beyondblue Fundraiser in March of 2014.  Paul was inspiring, gentle, modest and incredibly helpful in promoting the cause.  Hearing his background, it is almost impossible to believe that he had his dark days as he honestly gives every day and every task he takes on so much enthusiasm. His sense of community is so rare in someone so young.  Paul is an absolute pleasure to know and his ability to reach out to people from all walks of life is outstanding.”

Suzanna Barnes-Gillard – CEO, IPWEA Queensland

“Paul Grainger recently spoke at the IPWEA Queensland President’s Breakfast. The purpose of this event was to formally thank sponsors, suppliers and industry colleagues for their support over the year. Paul’s delivery was natural and captivating. He spoke effortlessly of his and his family’s trials throughout his life and managed to incorporate humour into what was a sombre topic. We were moved by Paul’s presentation and would not hesitate to invite him to speak at a future event.”

Tabrez Sherrif – President, Bond University Medical Society

“Paul is an exceptionally talented and captivating young speaker. A few months ago we invited Paul to speak at MSSBU’s (Medical Students Society of Bond University) inaugural Mental Health Awareness Week, which attracted over 500 students over the course of the week.  Paul shared with us a very personal and touching story of his encounter with mental illness and really connected with the students by destigmatizing mental illness.  We hope to have him again next year!”