My Story

IMG_20150719_22503023 years ago my life began. I was pretty stoked to a part of the world. It seemed like a cool place to be.

Since then I’ve had a lot of fun. Enjoyed many great memories though endured some pretty awful ones too.

In my early teens I began to battle a severe anxiety disorder and later depression. It sucked. The appearance of acne at 16 certainly didn’t help the situation…

I dropped out of school and journeyed to some extremely dark places; places I’d travel back and forth from for many years. Stability in my life became a distant dream as my family endured much struggle and heartache.

Through God’s strength and grace I was able to endure this dark and uncertain period and come out the other side a stronger, wiser and more focused young man.

In 2013 I became a speaker and ambassador for the Australian depression and anxiety initiative beyondblue which sees me speak at schools, community events and corporate fundraisers to audiences.

In 2014 I was able to realise my dream of making my racing car debut at Donington Park in England in September; a dream that I’d held unto having had my burgeoning go-karting career derailed amidst the chaos that were the years preceding.

I am also now a qualified fitness instructor and soon to be personal trainer. My health and fitness journey has had such a powerful and positive impact on my own mental health and recovery, fueling me with the desire to share this passion of mine with those around me to spark similar change.

All the while, Greatness Via Passion has been the platform I created in 2012 in which to connect my story and journey with the world. I hope you enjoy!