Mental Health Stigma: The Infuriating Reality

The stigma around depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses is still a massive issue in today’s society that stops people from speaking out and getting the help they require.

As you’ll know, this is a cause I’m tremendously passionate about having represented Australian mental health charity beyondblue at events whilst writing about my own battles extensively on this blog.

Engaging in these events and activities gives me a sense that things are improving for the better and headed in the right direction. Though every now and then I will encounter someone far removed from the way we are progressing to the point that my blood begins to boil and steam starts pouring from my ears!

I came across a blog today that made me feel like this. I won’t credit the author in any way because I don’t want to give him/her any extra attention off the back of it.

I did however want it share his/her comments with you to show you that, whilst we are headed in the right direction when it comes to the de-stigmatization of mental ill health, there is much more that we still need to do to combat these distorted perceptions.

Whilst admittedly in this case it seems to have been just a keyboard warrior whose blog lay in a very dark and lonely corner of the internet, it does represent the tragic reality of how some people still think.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


Breaking: Depression At An All Time Low

Specialists have discovered that depression is at an all time low as far less people admit they have depression. One Facebook user who has a rocky balboa quote for his profile picture and posts a selfie 5 times a day  said ” I always believed depression was a choice, the best advice I have ever gave to somebody who was depressed was to  just get over it and just be happy ” You may think this is an ignorant, insensitive , view of an asshole but specialists believe this  could be the cause of why less people are saying they have depression.

The suicide rate is still very high though the majority of people who have committed suicide never openly came out to say they had depression, it’s safe to assume these  suicides were not depression related.

Former depressed teen Bert told his parents that he had depression and he needed help after reading an article that said he should tell someone he had depression, his parents told him to “wise up” the parents  proudly state that to this very day  “Bert has never mentioned he was depressed again.”

So if you are depressed, if you constantly think what’s the point in life, if you are standing on  a bridge ready to jump, remember these words of wisdom…

Cheer up, wise up, get over it, be happy.

Greatness Via Passion.


3 thoughts on “Mental Health Stigma: The Infuriating Reality

  1. I battle every day to get people to learn more about mental health issues. It makes me sad when my own students are unaware that they have these problems, and therefore have no support system.

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