‘Conversations Matter’

Through the field he ran
As fast as he could
Those chasing fell back
He knew that they would.

Soon the time came
He knew he should slow
Though now too late
He fell to a low.

His spirit now broke
Tears filled his eyes
Pain now his foe
He donned his disguise.

People would ask,
How are you feeling?
But he would deny
The extent of his reeling.

Obvious it was
To all those who cared
Though he cared not
His life he despaired.

Help was on offer
But he was blinded
His nightmares so real
Two worlds had collided.

He pushed and pushed
Until they had left
Now he was here
Worried and bereft.

Of course the day came
In which he could stand
But life had now changed
Not what he had planned.

He thought it would help
To figure things out
Free from the guilt
And pressures about.

But it was so wrong
To think he was stronger
Stronger alone
Than with those now yonder.

He walked to the door
And pondered escape
If only he’d told them
If only he’d told them.

Conversations about our mental health matter. Visit www.beyondblue.org.au for more information.

Greatness Via Passion.




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