How Can We Listen To Others Better Online?

As it was once said:

‘We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we talk.’

Though in today’s digital age, I cannot help but feel there are many who would argue, ‘Well we have ten fingers and only two eyes, so we should type more than we read!’ The internet is brimming with opinions; indeed it has made having and expressing one so easy! But as we furiously mash the letters on our keyboard in response to that controversial Facebook post we’ve just read, are we in fact forgetting the most important thing of all?

Two days ago I published the blog, ‘The Most Important Reason Why You Should Keep Blogging‘. I am very grateful to the many replies that post brought about; many readers who felt their spirits lifted in spite of the sometimes demoralising stats page on their WordPress dashboard.

But I too was inspired by a blogger recently – A Opinionated Man. Some of you may know of him or follow him already and whilst his pseudonym may be grammatically incorrect, most, if not all of what he says is spot on. One post in particular.

In this particular post he talks about the need for us bloggers to ‘be responsive’. Of course he’s not just talking about which theme we use! It is so easy for us to write write write and tell the world our life story but much harder to slow down, stop, and just engage with each reader. In fact not only that, but also to engage with other bloggers out there in the blogosphere and the readers of those too. A Opinionated Man does this so well. In fact despite his own stats no doubt booming, he took the time to stop by my humble little blog to read a post I’d shared with him and to leave a comment. How cool is that?!

So it inspired me to do the same.

Over the past two days many of you who will be reading this now will have had me stop by and read some of your content and leave a few comments. I want to thank each one of you for sharing these musings of your mind – I loved them all! – and in taking this time out and away from my own writing, I was lead to an important realisation:

The story of others is just as, if not more important than my own.

Through finding these inspiring stories, poems and heartfelt outpourings of emotion written so eloquently, I have been reminded that whilst we are blogging primarily to share our story in the hope that people will listen, we forget the thousands of others out there just like us who are also just wanting to be heard. Just like your neighbour next door. Just like your colleague in the office opposite you at work. Just like the bus driver on this morning’s commute.

Just because we are online, human psychology does not change: We all want just someone to listen to us.

And for that, we must lead by example. Not just online, but all the time.

Greatness Via Passion.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you’ve had a blogger who’s inspired you or reached out to your ramblings, leave a shout out in the comments below and we can all share the love! Thanks team 🙂 [Insert Facebook page plug here] 😛

Me!About The Author (That’s me!)

I’m 22 years old, live in the land down-under and am a writer, sometimes speaker and beyondblue Ambassador. Fun fact: I’ve only missed one Summer, northern and southern hemispheres, in the last four years! You can say G’day on Twitter or Instagram or read more about my story here 😀



24 thoughts on “How Can We Listen To Others Better Online?

  1. Great thoughts! I’ve often wondered what a website would look like that puts an emphasis on reading and listening and not writing and speaking. Your end thought that we need to lead by example is the difficult, yet true reality. Putting others ahead of me is difficult. Thanks for the thoughts.

  2. I wish I could get more comment responses for my blog, but I’ve been lazy with posting an my readers. Opinionated man is so good at replying to everyone though, and I love his posts. Great thought in this post.

    1. Comment responses are the hardest to get on WordPress. But I’ve found after engaging with other users for half an hour a day by liking/commenting on their posts, that my own comments have gone up by about 2500%! Of course I don’t comment on other’s blogs just to get comments on my own, but it is just something I’ve found to help 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great post and very timely.
    I’v been inspired by many, many bloggers over the last four years – some from my home country here in Ireland and others from all acoss the globe. I really admire bloggers who read even more than they post. OM is certainly an inspiration in that regard.

  4. Found you through Opinionated Man! Good that you did a shout-out for him; his post on responsiveness is definitely on-point!

    I do agree that responding to comments is just as important as writing posts for a large audience; if one can’t take the time to read and engage with others, then one is missing out on what it really means to be a blogger, let alone part of the blogging community. I admit that I wasn’t very good with commenting when I first started blogging, but over time I noticed that, by engaging with others, I was able to grow, not only in number of followers, but also in my writing.

    Good thoughts!

  5. It is so true that we often hear, but we don”t really listen. Communication is sometimes difficult because every head is a world, filtering everything through our past experiences and personal feelings. It is most important to carefully listen to one another’s stories and to thoughtfully comment.

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