The Most Important Reason Why You Should Keep Blogging

So I’ve been having visions recently. Not Sixth Sense kind of visions, though I did watch that movie for the first time (I know right!) the other night. No, I’ve been dreaming of where I can take Greatness Via Passion. If you’re the average hobby blogger reading this post then I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to much of what I’m about to write. But the message at the end will be applicable to all.

This coming May it will be four years since I registered the domain and published my first post. In that time the site has gone through at least a hundred different designs and layouts; I’ve published over 50,000 words and un-published about 20,000; I’ve spent hours and hours laboriously crafting pages and graphics, uploading, deleting and re-uploading photos and, my ‘favourite’ task of all, endlessly moving and modifying widgets via the ‘show’ and ‘hide’ tabs that will forever be the bane of my life.

This is of course not mentioning the many days and many more sleepless nights that I’ve spent writing and re-writing the actual blogs themselves!

Will people even read this?

I’ve written pieces over the years that I thought were sure bets to go ‘viral’. I would pour my heart and soul into them, spend hours crafting each paragraph, sentence, word and letter. And though not possible for a computer to make such a mistake as to miss a dot on an ‘i’ or a cross on a ‘t’ I would still go as far to check such details. I would make sure that I would post it at the right moment, share it at peak social media times and yet still, despite all of this, my blog largely remained a mystery to the masses.

Helloooo? Huffington Post???

It’s been easy at times to stop writing. Much has happened that gave me every reason to cease these passionate pursuits. But there’s been something deeper, a passion so great and so important that somehow has managed to endure. It is this passion for the message I share and the satisfaction it brings me to share, that I am driven to perfect its’ delivery and maximise its’ reach. But this of course takes time and most of all, patience.

Some days I will look at the stats and only ten people (or less – cringe) will have stopped by to read my ramblings. In these moments I’ll look through some other blogs for inspiration only to find one that’s had ten…. thousand likes, let alone just ten thousand views. It’s just a bit of a step up. I’ve tried to study these blogs to see what works for them and largely it remains a mystery. The ins and outs of coding, search engine optimization and all the other little tricks of the trade is all a bit over my head.

I just want to write! I just want to change the world…

It is easy to feel discouraged when looking at these other ‘successful’ bloggers’ blogs. They are this well oiled machine with slick graphic design, faultless menu systems, expert social media integration and intuitive pop ups that make us (well, me at least) think, ‘Hell yeah I want to give you my email address and receive your weekly newsletter!’

If only I could be as awesome, as inspiring, as world changing and as ‘perfect’ as that blog!

Here we begin a dangerous game… Perhaps blogging has in this instance become a metaphor for life. We are constantly spurred on to climb, up and up; life tells us this is how we should be. Constantly dreaming, constantly aspiring for something beyond what we presently have. But as we climb that mountain looking only at its’ peak we forget not just how far we have come (I’ll spare you the cliche) but the fact that we even made it on the mountain to begin with.

When we part our gaze from the glorious [and often false] summit above us, pausing in our admiration for those who stand upon its crown, only then do we notice those who are following in our footsteps or admiring our progress from below; those who are looking to us for their inspiration. We must never underestimate the inspiring impact we are having on the people around us; whether that be one or one million, it does not matter.

Keep spreading your love and your passion. And if you are a blogger, keep blogging no matter how discouraging at times the stats may be. Numbers are not important. Passion is. And the world needs more passionate people like you and I.

‘If we all inspired just one person every day, just one, imagine how different the world would look a few years from now.’

Greatness Via Passion.

Are you also a blogger? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below about what spurs you on to continue writing despite the difficulties faced in building up your following. And don’t forget to subscribe 😉


About The Author (That’s me!)

I’m 22 years old, live in the land down-under and am a writer, sometimes speaker and beyondblue Ambassador. Fun fact: I’ve only missed one Summer, northern and southern hemispheres, in the last four years! You can say G’day on Twitter or Instagram or read more about my story here 😀


39 thoughts on “The Most Important Reason Why You Should Keep Blogging

  1. Thank you for that reminder. It’s so easy to forget why we started when we start focusing on getting likes and reassurance from others. Staying grounded and passionate are not easy, but so important.

    BTW I love what you’re doing! You were my source of inspiration today 🙂

  2. Yes! Times a million! A huge part of the reason I blog is embrace those little victories as you climb your way to whatever being at the top means for you. When I first started blogging I had that lust for wanting to take off like all the other awesome blogs I was reading…but you earn that…it’s much more rewarding when you earn it…as I stopped caring so much about being on top and just focus on my message…people gradually started coming around…I learned bits and pieces from other bloggers as I made stronger connections…that’s what I feed off of now…I’m a huge fan of quality vs quantity . Thanks so much for sharing! I am going to do the same! 🙂

  3. Hmmmm, I just passed my Fourth WP B-Day too. When I first started I too nervously twiddled the dials. One day I just chucked it all and started writing, and haven’t even bothered tweaking my theme or anything, really. I just keep writing stuff, and I love it of a discussion arises. If it doesn’t, I’m kinda bummed for a few minutes. Blogging is much more therapy for me than the 50-minute hour I spend with my human therapist each week.

    1. I 100% agree. I began to write because I wanted to share with people stories of hope from my journey that I hoped would inspire them. Little did I know how therapeutic and inspiring it would be for me! Thanks for stopping by, keep in touch 🙂

    2. Laura. I agree completely. It’s so weird when you can establish and cultivate real relationships with total strangers on the Internet. The people on WP are so kind and supportive and have helped me immensely; more so than my Pdoc. It’s the reason I keep posting. The high of getting more than ten or so views/likes a day does make you feel important but I try not to make that the focal point of my blogs.:-)

    3. Laura. I completely agree with you. How in the world is it more edifying and helpful to find support from a bunch of strangers online than it is for an expensive personal therapy session? I’ve received so much more knowledge, support, understanding, and advice from the online blogging community in the one month I’ve been blogging than I do with all my weekly therapist visits combined! It’s important to keep blogging. Numbers are a great high but I try to not let that discourage me from telling my story. It’s important to me.

      1. I read an interview that WP did with a “megablogger” who had hundreds of thousands of followers, thousands of views and “likes” to every post. He said he could not find any particular pattern for what would get his readers exited or not. He would labor over a post he found pithy and fascinating, and no one would read it. On the other hand he might dash off some garbage post and they would eat it up. How did he grow his enormous readership? Social media, posting on Twitter a million times a day, visiting other blogs and commenting, basically making a full time job out of promoting his blog. And of course, since his blog was all spiffy and he had a million followers he got Freshly Pressed every other day, which brought more thousands to his doorstep.

        I’ve been Pressed, which came as a huge surprise, as I don’t blog in hopes of that, as some do. It did help my numbers, but the notoriety petered out and I don’t care. What I care about is building and maintaining a group of caring friends who support each other in our ups and downs, our victories large and small, and our down times and disasters. So, not really much of a big deal ❤

      2. Love it! I guess it just depends on what the goals of the blog are – if it’s to expand the message to as large an audience as possible that will take a lot of work. But if it’s writing for therapeutic reasons or to connect with that small tight knit community then it’s totally different. But that said, I think we all feel a bit giddy when lots of people stop by to read what we’ve written. In today’s society it’s hard not to see more likes/views/comments as ‘better’. As unfortunate as that is.

  4. SO TRUE … This is a great write … I have had so many things happen negative around my blog that gave me every reason NOT to keep blogging, but I have held my head up and kept going and keep blogging … this is a great write and thank you for sharing 🙂

      1. Thank You … I mainly write in my blog about my healing from Trauama as a child and the process of healing in therapy and life …. its not easy putting yourself out there, but let me tell you, its liberating to have a voice I never thought i had 🙂 thank you for the follow.. much appreciated!

  5. Excellent post! Thank you for the reminder of why I’m doing this blogging thing at all. I would also like to inspire people but get way too wrapped up in checking stats every hour. They don’t really tell how you’re impacting another anyway. I’m following you to read more of your stories. 🙂

  6. One of the best things about blogging is that sometimes a post finds you just when you need it 🙂 I tell myself the numbers don’t matter, and as long as my 3 or 4 regulars turn up, it’s fine. They’re the ones I feel most connection with, and think of as friends. It will always be a mystery why the posts I rattle off are more popular than the ones I try to craft. I’ve also noticed that the most popular are teeny weeny Haiku – is that just Society’s short attention span???

    1. You’re spot on. I still remember my first ever reader – and we still keep in touch! And you’re right, in fact I was surprised that this blog – quite long by my standards – has become so popular! Says a lot for variety I guess! Thanks for stopping by – keep in touch 🙂

  7. I’m so glad I found your blog, via a share from another blogger! This is a great read and gave me much inspiration and fodder for thought. I began blogging 7 years ago now and it’s often been an uphill battle. I never thought about the stats, heck I didn’t even know or understand how to check them until quite recently. I have made some awesome friends, and formed some solid relationships with people due to my blogging/vlogging. I’ve recently been wondering why I do this still…why am I compelled to write every day and share bits and pieces of my life with the world? Then I read a blog like you wrote here and I am reminded that it’s the passion that keeps me going; keeps me writing and sharing every day. Bravo for a great and inspirational blog! ~MB

  8. I also find that there is something about the stats page that can get you sucked in–see if you can get more visitors than last week, more likes than on any other post. But even if i achieve those targets, the satisfaction is momentary, and then I just need to hit the next target (get further up the mountain, as you describe it). But the more lasting satisfaction comes from the relationships with fellow bloggers and especially the comments that suggest that my post has had meaning for them. Not to mention that they so often have useful insight on issues I struggle with. Maybe we need a new stats page, one where we record the emotional pleasures we get from the blog.

  9. Hey there most inspiring young Aussie blogger!
    You are well on your way – you have already accomplished so much at your young age.
    I really enjoyed reading this article – passed on by another Maine, USA blogger – and really like the way your
    blog looks.
    I, too, have dreams of becoming a professional writer one day. However my blog is simply for my own venting, thinking and reminiscing. Only recently have I begun sharing it on my facebook page. Basically I think I’m pretty lazy when it comes to writing – I haven’t done all the research of other blog writers and all the re-doing of my own blog that you have done – but my belief is that I was born with a natural inclination to express my thoughts in words so I must show my gratitude to life and living by moving in that direction.
    You’ve just inspired me to go to my own blog today and actually look at it! 🙂 thank you and

  10. Hi,
    I know Tony, Robert, Joan, and Cavelle Martin, of course. Thank you for liking a comment I made on her Meet and Greet. I got there so late, I didn’t think anyone would notice!
    In response to your post: I appreciated you sharing your wisdom. I am celebrating one year blogging this month. I, too, will be publishing what I learned this Sunday. Thanks again for liking my comment.

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