‘The Light Amidst The Darkness’

It’s dark. It’s cold. And it’s been raining for months without relent. I fumble around, slipping and tripping over the endless puddles and debris strewn across my path. The wind throws me from side to side like a rag doll floating atop a stormy sea. My head throbs, my body aches. My eye lids fall faster than the pants of adulterous promiscuity; a summit on Everest seems an easier task than to maintain a mere slit. The concept of time has long since drifted off into the realm of mystery. No longer are there hours or days or weeks; it would seem instead just a vacuous continuum of self-pity. The cartoon sun wanes in the shadow of the endless moon. Though even it is now clouded by the devilish terror that has marched in to the tune of its’ monotonous drone. The Sandman it seems now is my only friend. For those who once reached out their hands to me in aid, I returned mine only to push not pull. Einstein was wrong when he schooled his teacher on the subject of light and darkness. For as I’ve come to know, pure darkness can yet become darker; the memory of light now akin to a dream.

I lay here now, still, as I bear the weight of Jupiter upon my chest. I ponder, as I often do, indeed my home has become the company of my thoughts. And in this moment my revelation is this:

Darkness is but a beginning. For both you and I were born from darkness’ womb. And all that we have come to love and cherish found its genesis in the dark abyss with which we are surrounded. Even the might of Orion and bright shining light of Sirius were once just universal nomads that sped to meet our upward gaze; their place-card on the ceiling of life for many years held only by the omnipresent. And it was from this apparently hopeless hope that came these marvellous lights we doubted could ever exist.

Think then for a moment. Brighter lights must too be on their way.

So I say to us both. In this time of our own apparent darkness, we must take heart in this knowledge. For just as yet more symbols of everlasting hope are carried to us upon the wings of a galaxy afar, we must not forget its’ siamese counterpart travelling back in collaborate harmony. This being of course a great light second only to One – you and I.

Greatness Via Passion.

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About The Author (That’s me!)

I’m 22 years old, live in the land down-under and am a writer, sometimes speaker and beyondblue Ambassador. Fun fact: I’ve only missed one Summer, northern and southern hemispheres, in the last four years! You can say G’day on Twitter or Instagram or read more about my story here 😀





13 thoughts on “‘The Light Amidst The Darkness’

  1. Found your blog through OM 🙂 Read your story. Incredible! Always nice to hear how it is possible to bring light even into the darkest days. Looking forward to reading your blog! 🙂

      1. Glad you’re enjoying…I have several…depends what mood fits me that day…one more autobiographical stories….darker things, the poetry is usually light….today my head wouldn’t stay on straight…must have been the pennies I dropped in the toilet….not a fun way to start the day…😊🙃Peace and blessings, K

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