‘Yet Still I Write’

Often over the past few years I have asked myself, ‘What is my purpose? Where am I going? What am I meant to be doing?’ I have felt like I have just been wandering around, aimlessly, like a child whose eyes dart from one shiny thing to the next.

Yet still I write.

I remember when I first started publishing my writing in 2012 a colleague of mine seem so overjoyed that I had started a blog. Though I questioned my future at the time, I’ll never forget her simple words, ‘You’re doing so well, you have a blog!’ I didn’t see the value of a simple and seemingly generic blog at the time.

Yet still I write.

As I departed for the UK that year I could never have foreseen the challenges that would come my way. At the age of nineteen, I thought I had life pretty well figured out. So naive I was. I would waste so much money and at one point sleep on a floor for six months. It was tough.

Yet still I write.

In this time I had a best friend tell me to stop altogether and to focus on ‘the important things’ and my girlfriend at the time tell me to ‘stop writing that inspirational crap’. It hurt. And made me question the point of what I was trying to accomplish. And at times led me to hide it all from the world.

Yet still I write.

As I relentlessly pursued what I thought to be my calling, there have been times in which I have found myself selling more and more of my stuff simply to survive; things that I thought I couldn’t do without. Tears would fall to the pages of my journal below as I contemplated just how I was going to eat that week.

Yet still I write.

There is much that I’d like to have played out differently; adventures that at times have been too short and others, admittedly, too long. Friends have come and gone; some of whom helped me beyond measure only for fate to draw us apart. This has certainly been the hardest part of it all.

Yet still I write.

They say you should never give up on the things you can’t go a day without thinking about. True. But what about the things you do, the things you love to do, that you do without even thinking? The things that come so natural to you and bring you such pleasure and satisfaction and joy? Indeed these too are the things that we should pursue and never give up on. Because these are, in fact, our passions.

So perhaps it is through my wanderings and ponderings in search of my destiny, identity and purpose that I have actually found mine. Maybe the annoying old saying should instead read, ‘It’s always in the first place you don’t look.’

And still I write.

Greatness Via Passion.

What is it in your life that has stood the test of time? The one constant in your life that you’ve always turned to no matter the chaos that surrounds you? Leave your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

About The Author (That’s me!)

I’m 22 years old, live in the land down-under and am a writer, sometimes speaker and beyondblue Ambassador. Fun fact: I’ve only missed one Summer, northern and southern hemispheres, in the last four years! You can say G’day on Twitter or Instagram or read more about my story here 😀



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